Saturday, February 19, 2011

Making Connections

What do you do when you know what you want but don’t have it yet? It may be an object (to own a fabulous piece of art), an experience (a travel dream), a concept (to be an artist), or just knowing there is something out there that is different from what you have now and that is what you want. When is it that you know what you want, and how do you get from not having it (Point A) to having it (Point B)?
Some people are able to do this instinctively, knowingly. Talk about knowingly, they’ve known this desire since childhood and have consistently worked to achieve it. Or, they’ve had an epiphany as an adult that tied into childhood experiences and skyrocketed toward that newly defined goal.
Others determine their hearts desire and can discern the path to its attainment without need for external assistance.
The remainder of us has floated through life somewhat vaguely, hopefully blissfully. Objects, people, relationships, ideas…come in and go out of our realm. All is fine until – what? A shift in the hemisphere? A full moon? A birthday or a new year? Something sets off a deep, internal yearning. It germinates for a period of time then begins to grow and blossom.
Connections with others of similar goals and dreams can nurture, inspire, and stretch us to reach out for that wish; shared experiences are encouraging and helpful. Let’s do that this year as members of SDA Minnesota. Let’s put a hand out to one another, let’s share and make connections. Let’s step forth together on a path that leads to achievement of a desired dream. Volunteer with me to host a gathering of Minnesota members or to help with Confluence, the SDA conference here in June. Opportunities are plentiful! Contact me at

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